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Workers’ Compensation

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No job is entirely safe from accidents. No matter if the work place is an oil-drilling site, a restaurant cashier, or an office building, accidents can happen anywhere. The only way to avoid this is exercising caution and proper training, and even that may not stop a faulty desk or scaffold from breaking and keeping the victim out of work.

The Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers at LaMarca Law Group agree that employee safety should be a company’s first priority, so they fight on behalf of the victim to get the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering, as well as use the case to set an example for future safety regulations, because a workplace injury helps no one.

Workplace injuries can include, but are not limited to:

  • Office injuries
  • Construction site injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Head/neck injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Slips/falls
  • Toxic substance exposure

To be sure the victim gets all the compensation they deserve for their suffering, the Des Moines workers’ comp lawyers recommend calling them because there may be a negligent third party at fault. This is called non-employer and could get complicated quickly, so dealing with it alone is not in the victim’s best interest.

For example, Company A buys new tools from Company B to speed up a construction project. Worker C takes the new tools at their boss’ request and does their work as usual, but the new tool is more difficult to manage that Worker C and Company A expected.

Since Company B did not provide proper manuals or training, a lawyer can prove them negligent along with Company A for not giving enough information and training to keep Worker C safe. Both companies could have prevented the accident with proper training.

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