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Why It is Worth Suing Over a Medical Malpractice Incident

By on Nov 11, 2017 in Birth Injuries, Medical Malpractice | 0 comments

After the tragedy of losing someone (or someone you love becoming seriously debilitated), it’s easy to want to give up everything. Responsibilities like bills, work, and even familial and friendly relationships can seem too great a burden. This is completely understandable and forgivable. Most people and even businesses will forgive a few slips after such a catastrophic event.

For all that, it is important for those close to them to help the people deal with those responsibilities because they do not go away forever. In fact, there are new responsibilities that must be added, whether it is funeral arrangements or arrangements for long-term care. Another important issue that really should be recommended for all those involved in such events is that they consult a lawyer to see if there has been any medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice can get a bad name in some circles, but it is an important part of the law designed to make sure people who have had relatives injury or die due to medical negligence or mistakes are compensated. That compensation is often key for the long-term financial future for those who survive these incidents.

Consider some of the expenses that compensation can cover. According to The Resmini Law Offices, those expenses can include:

  • Medical expenses present, past, and future for the person who has suffered from medical mistakes
  • The costs for rehabilitation, therapy, counseling, and specialized medical equipment
  • The pain and emotional distress of the entire event (which may require counseling and therapy for others in the family)
  • Lost wages either for the individual involved in the accident or for others who must take care of them
  • The loss of pleasure in life, which cannot be overestimated

In addition, other costs may be added, such as the cost of funeral expenses, debts accrued during the medical event and after, and the need for income while everyone recovers from the traumatic event.

It seems senseless for the burden of all these costs to go on those who have not been responsible for the accident that took place. While there may be room for debate whether there should be a cap on these costs or not, their existence should never be questioned.

So, for anyone going through the difficult times after a loved one passes or has been seriously injured, be sure to consult a lawyer. It is possible (in fact very likely) that no mistakes were made, but don’t let the moment pass just in case. If a mistake was made, and too much time passes, nothing can be done, and those debts will remain with you.

If you know someone who is going through this, be sure to recommend they follow this advice. In fact, send them to this article. Filing or not filing a suit can make all the difference between a moment of tragedy and a lifetime of tragedy. Make sure you (or those you care about) make the right decision.

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