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Issues with the Wage Gap in the United States

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The wage gap in the United States is one of the largest socioeconomic issues our generation of workers is currently facing. According to World Economic Forum, Asian women have a pay gap of 16%. White women earn 75% of what white men do, while black women earn 65% and Hispanic women earn 55%. Minorities in the workplace have always been subject to lesser conditions, not limited to but including the issue of the wage gap. Employers often continue in these unjust manners because they do not fear potential repercussions from the people they treat unfairly. The amount of work these employees put in for their wages is often underappreciated and under-compensated. They can face strict reprimanding actions if they cause a commotion over their mistreatment. This environment where inequality is rampant must be dealt with to ensure the future is brighter for new workers everywhere.

As the beautiful capital city of Austin, Texas, continues to attract tech companies and other large start-ups it is important that these new businesses provide adequate wages and conditions for their workers. Many companies do a good job at resolving these issues, but several overall factors influence these statistics. For one, Austin’s status as a sanctuary city for immigrants who are undocumented and would otherwise be deported changes the entire demographic of the workforce. Many undocumented laborers reside in Austin and are contributing to projects in any job they can get their hands on. Secondly, Austin is typically known as the state’s liberal center, which has lead to a significant portion of the population being open advocates for equal pay or other workplace inequalities faced by minorities. Lastly, Austin is a place of refuge for many creative people who bring their skills to the local economy.

While the growth in local businesses is extremely beneficial to our economy within the fabled city limits, it is important to note that existing business who do not share the same vision of equality for workers still exist within Austin. If one of these bad companies attempts to underpay or abuse their employees, it is the responsibility of that individual to challenge their behaviors through the assistance of a competent employment lawyer. These abusive companies will often employ very skilled lawyers who can protect their businesses’ interests more adequately than they can safeguard the Commonwealth of the population. The inequality among minority laborers has no place in the opportunistic environment Austin is known for.

The scenic city of the violet crown is home to countless businesses who contribute to the flourishing economy of the world and the state of Texas. Companies based here typically provide adequate wages for their employees, but with development happening in all areas of the city, it is imperative that these standards stay consistent. The capital city will not stand for inequality of any kind, but the Austinites will not stand for the abuse of workers on behalf of companies whose only concern is profit. This behavior is not acceptable in the vast city of Austin.

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