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Hypnosis as a Cure for Addiction

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Cocaine is the second most popular illegal recreational drug in the United States (after marijuana). Though approved for medical use due to its medicinal properties, thousands of Americans necessitated emergency medical treatment due to overdose. Due to this, many cocaine users feel the urgent need to cure themselves from their addiction to this addictive substance.

Thousands of cocaine and other illegal drug users have undergone rehabilitation; however, so many of them go back to using this recreational drug even while still in prison or right after rehab treatment. This leads to the questions: “Did these people receive the right type of treatment or the kind of treatment that they particularly needed” and “Should drug rehab treatment be personalized or is just one method of treatment already effective for all?”

Doctors and many others work hard in helping people cope with their cocaine addiction; however, the process of treatment may just not be the right and needed process. This is because addiction to drugs, as seen by hypnotherapists, is just a quick and easy way to change ordinary, everyday reality from unbearable to bearable, so that people who are dependent on these are merely using these illegal substances to allows themselves to experience a tremendous euphoric emotion, as some sort of a crutch to get through the day. This means drug addiction is not the real problem that has to be addressed as this is just an outlet or maybe a result of something else.

Different from medical treatment or attendance to meetings which no one knows how long one has to attend, hypnotherapists rather offer a treatment that will address the root of the problem: Hypnosis. Hypnosis will go to the root cause which led a person to trying cocaine, and to trying it again and again and again until he/she becomes addicted to it.

Some people think that addictions form simply because of the way drugs, alcohol, and other addictive activities make you feel. While it’s true that pleasurable effects contribute to the addictiveness of certain substances and activities, this is only one piece of the puzzle. The root of addiction stems not from the substance or activity itself, but from some other underlying condition that causes a person to seek out drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Many people begin to use drugs or alcohol to escape from some pain or anguish in their lives. By confronting the inherent cause of an addiction and working to alleviate whatever condition or emotion a person is trying to escape from, hypnosis helps mitigate addiction faster and with a more prolonged effectiveness. Through hypnosis, individuals who are ready to fight their addictions (whether from smoking, alcohol, cocaine and crack addiction, prescription drugs, including opioids, gambling, meth, and/or porn) may receive the specific treatment that they really need – one that is safe and non-intrusive.


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