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Consequences of the Bard G2 IVC Filter

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The Bard G2 IVC Filter was put on the market as an alternative for individuals who could not take blood-thinners to stop pulmonary embolism. The device was surgically implanted into the patient’s inside vena cava, and prevented the migration of blood clots to the lungs. It was supposed to be removed when the threat of blood clots subsided and only temporarily remained in the body. When these devices were left in patient’s body for a long time, the effects could possibly be devastating.

As 27 deaths have been associated with the Bard G2 Filter, sadly these warnings came too late for some individuals. Despite these hazards, many patients were nevertheless planted with this particular device and therefore are coping with the dreadful outcomes. The Bard G2 IVC Filter, which many believed might help them, wound up damaging people in imaginable ways. Many a Bard G2 IVC Filter lawsuit have now been filed against C.R. Bard, the company behind the device, but people are still faced with the prices of the filter.

The device’s cage-like legs started fracturing into other areas of the patient’s human body. They might vacation to to the brain, leading to a stroke or a patient’s heart causing a heart-attack when filter components started breaking off. The apparatus shards may also become lodged in the bronchi, being potentially fatal and resulting in difficult lung complications. When alternative elements of the filter or the unit legs split off, the metal pieces may go through the bloodstream, becoming lodged and then puncturing other important organs. The migration of components of these devices to other regions of the body is able to cause deadly issues in individuals. Surprisingly, there were merely a small number of the dangers connected with the device, after having a total of 921 undesirable outcomes of the filter were reported to the FDA.

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